No Matter What it Takes

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Hey friends! Happy Friday. It’s pushing 1am here but I just had to write. I haven’t written in awhile (blah!) but I’ve wanted to. Here’s the curveball though – I’m not going to apologize for that. You see, the other night for some random reason, I went to my blog and I started clicking on […]

Day 27: Do not Love People Like Me

When I started this idea for 31 Days of Inspiration, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I still look at some of the posts I’ve written and they seem short and boring compared to things you read on Buzzfeed or Elite Daily or the like. And then I remember that I’m not […]

January 23rd: Happily Ever After

Double quote day! These two seemed to go hand-in-hand so I wanted to combine them on the same post. I’m still waiting on my happier ever after. Some days being single is a real struggle. A lot of nights I just sit here and hang out with Beyjuh and Maggie and my thoughts. Most days […]

January 10th : The End

When deciding to do this 31 days of inspirational quotes journey, I knew that I was going to assign some of the quotes that I picked out to certain days. Once those were filled in, the others were just randomly assigned. This is a quote that was specifically assigned to a number. So why the 10th? […]

January 7th: Memories

At almost twenty six years old, I have a lot of memories. I have some amazing memories and I have memories of hurting some innocent people pretty badly. I have memories of laughing so hard I peed my pants and I have memories of crying so hard that it hurts. There are some memories that […]

Reflections and Goals

As the end of 2015 draws near, as well as my 25th year of life on this planet, I can’t help but contemplate how I’m no where near my original goals but even farther than where I thought I would be. In my family, everyone writes the story of their life every quarter of a […]