January 23rd: Happily Ever After

Double quote day! These two seemed to go hand-in-hand so I wanted to combine them on the same post. I’m still waiting on my happier ever after. Some days being single is a real struggle. A lot of nights I just sit here and hang out with Beyjuh and Maggie and my thoughts. Most days […]

January 10th : The End

When deciding to do this 31 days of inspirational quotes journey, I knew that I was going to assign some of the quotes that I picked out to certain days. Once those were filled in, the others were just randomly assigned. This is a quote that was specifically assigned to a number. So why the 10th? […]

25 Things I’ve Learned from Dating the Wrong Guy

Remember when I wrote about being Unfriended a little over a year ago? Well, as of last night I was re-friended. The more I think about it, it was actually worse this way. We should have stayed unfriended. Because ignorance is bliss. Naturally I had to go through all the pictures and posts and things he […]


Well, thank gosh Monday is over. Monday takes the brunt of the rest of the week because no one wants the weekend to end. I really don’t hate Monday- I just really don’t like what Monday means. The good news is that the messages have slowly started to die down. Let me explain. I joined […]

The Reason I Love Bad Boys

So as I reflect on my life lately, I realize there has always been one constant: my love for bad boys. Especially bad boys that are rich. I’ve noticed one trend that my relationships seem to follow: I date a nice boy, and then I date a bad boy. I get heartbroken by the bad […]

The L and T words

I’d like to have a little chat about two very important words. One is important in general and the other is important to me. The problem with these words are that they are taken for granted until they are overly abused and become unattainable for future friends and lovers. These words are Love and Trust. […]