Well, thank gosh Monday is over. Monday takes the brunt of the rest of the week because no one wants the weekend to end. I really don’t hate Monday- I just really don’t like what Monday means. The good news is that the messages have slowly started to die down. Let me explain. I joined […]


Ok, time for me to step up on my soapbox again. I haven’t just noticed this once lately, but an alarming number of times. It’s time we call attention to able bodied people parking in handicapped spots. I’m not talking about fat people that park in handicapped spots- although I could go off on a […]


In my opinion there aren’t many things worse than being unfriended on Facebook. (#FirstWorldProblems Obviously there are a LOT of things worse than being unfriended, but for the sake of my rant let me have this one.) Being unfriended means I took the time out of my creeping on people from High School and posting […]