In my opinion there aren’t many things worse than being unfriended on Facebook. (#FirstWorldProblems Obviously there are a LOT of things worse than being unfriended, but for the sake of my rant let me have this one.) Being unfriended means I took the time out of my creeping on people from High School and posting wonderful things about my life to go to your page and select the unfriend button from the drop down list. Now, sometimes we need to purge a few of our friends if we never really knew them to begin with and we never have any interaction or they are posting damaging things on Facebook. I get that. You don’t want to be around people who are going to bring you down. With that being said…

Last night I was having an awesome time out with my friends. We went back to Alex’s house to play cards and everyone was talking away. Someone said something about college (a guy I went to college with was there too) and I casually mentioned someone. Well I pulled up Facebook on my phone since I had to show my friends a photo of him. Finding him on Facebook took longer…that’s strange. Click on the profile. ADD FRIEND. What the F#$% do you mean ADD FRIEND??? I broke down. Why would he unfriend me? Why? We were friends. We talked. We hung out not that long ago. So many questions ran though my head. It felt like the ultimate F-You. Not only that but back in the day this guy and I had had a fling. He showed me his grandmothers ring and wanted to marry me. Unfriended?

As my friends tried to tell me it wasn’t a big deal all I could think about was the reasons why? Did he no longer want anything to do with me? Was he trying to forget me? We didn’t have a fight so it wasn’t like he was mad at me or anything. My phone was taken away from me before I did anything stupid. Driving home it hit me though- my friends were right. It’s his loss. It was probably his new girlfriend who found out about our past. I was better off. I was better off. Well if I was so much better off why do I feel so shitty? And in my pile of self-misery I became relieved. I became relieved because now I could focus on my own relationship. I didn’t have to worry about some fling from the past posting something and making me wish we were still together. I don’t have to worry about him messaging me asking if I wanted to hang out. He was doing me a favor. He was doing his a relationship a favor.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Some you have to look hard for and some you realized were there all along. So while it hurts, because rejection stings, unfriended maybe was the best thing he could have done for the two of us. Now he can’t see what I’m doing and wondering how we may have turned out and I can’t see the Tiffany and Co. necklace he bought for his new girlfriend after like one month. I am a firm believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason and this is no exception. The best revenge is to live better.