Reflections and Goals

As the end of 2015 draws near, as well as my 25th year of life on this planet, I can’t help but contemplate how I’m no where near my original goals but even farther than where I thought I would be. In my family, everyone writes the story of their life every quarter of a […]

The 180

180 pleaseGod

When I started my blog almost two years ago it was therapeutic. I wanted clarity and to write everything down and maybe, kinda-sorta my life would start to make sense once I wrote everything down. In some ways it absolutely did- it allowed me to reveal emotions and feelings that I had been keeping in […]


Ok, ok, don’t judge me. I started taking the quotes that I pin on Pinterest and turning them in to my blogs. You can only say so much on Pinterest that people will read. They mainly just look at the images. So, with the quotes that I really like I’m going to write a post. […]

My Sassy Delt Friend #Sho

Well, it’s Friday. Which means one of my best friends from college is coming in to town. Which believe me, you, I seriously need. It has been a rough past few days. That’s a story for a different blog, a blog that no doubt will be coming very soon. Anyways, back to college. My Friday […]

Talkin’ ’bout my girls

I know, I know, it’s not Friday. But I was home this past weekend and I have to write a post about 3 ladies who are near and dear to me. I have been blessed with some of the best friends in the world (I’m sure most people say this) but I have also been […]