Well, it’s Friday. Which means one of my best friends from college is coming in to town. Which believe me, you, I seriously need. It has been a rough past few days. That’s a story for a different blog, a blog that no doubt will be coming very soon.

Anyways, back to college. My Friday Friend-Day honoree is not that friend. But he is another person I went to college with. I don’t say friend because we didn’t really know each other. Yes, I knew of him- he was three years older, in a fraternity and I hung out with one of his brothers. I maybe ran in to him at a few parties but I have no clue if we talked or not.

Let’s fast forward to about 4 months ago. Sho and I work for the same company and we were recently put in the same department working together. We started talking more but it’s really been the last 2ish months that Sho has really earned the title of Friend of the Week. We’ve both had slightly rough of a patch lately and we hang out with the same group of people. So through our playing of Cards Against Humanity and conversations about our lovable pooches I’ve really come to know him on a friend level instead of an acquaintance level.

I think the best part about this friendship is we have something in common. Yes, we work together, but we have the whole college factor in common. We ran with different groups of people but we know a large amount of the same people that we can laugh about now. Plus, we know the same work people that we can laugh about.

Oh, and the stickers! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, pull up Facebook messenger. We can have conversations in stickers only. It’s epic.

But really, it’s nice to know that someone can care about you and just care about your general well-being. Not that I don’t have a lot of friends that care about me. Obviously they all do or we wouldn’t be friends. But Sho reminds me that there is good in people and that I can trust people after knowing them for a shorter period of time. Because believe me, I don’t trust many people very easily, very quick.

Anyway, this post is probably all over the place but I needed to give a shout out to the guy who knows exactly why that is. Thanks, Sho.