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Attempt 7: slowly but surely.

Attempt 7: slowly but surely.

I’m going to leadership camp for the weekend so I wanted something cute and easy to throw on my nails. I painted them purple a few articles ago, so I decided to go for pink this time around. Like my last few posts, this was also a pretty simple design that I would absolutely recommend. […]

A little improvement

So Sarah left me and I was on my own to attempt this cute nail design. I went out and bought my own nail art brush (everyone should seriously go get one!). I figured that this wouldn’t be too hard as really only one nail needs any actual art and straight lines aren’t too bad. […]

The Sister Success

I’m so happy because my sister was here this week and it is so much easier to make your nails look great when there is someone doing your dominant hand. I picked something that wasn’t too hard but that required a fine line because she brought her fancy nail tools down. Here was my inspiration: […]

The Matte Attempt

This Sunday for worship I decided I wanted to matte my nails. As I dont own any matte nail polish I decided I would try to make my own. I’ve seen pins on how to make your nail polish matte with some cornstarch or eye shadow. Let me stop you there : don’t waste your […]

Pinterest Nail Attempt #2 : the Sharpie

Happy Friday readers! Last night I attempted another Pinterest Nail Design off of my DIY board. The pin is to the left, which was taken from here. So I opened up the article and attempted to give it a try. I don’t have the metallic sharpies at the moment but I figured a regular sharpie should […]