heartnailsSo Sarah left me and I was on my own to attempt this cute nail design. I went out and bought my own nail art brush (everyone should seriously go get one!).

I figured that this wouldn’t be too hard as really only one nail needs any actual art and straight lines aren’t too bad. Needless to say if you read the title of this article, I need to practice a little more. Also, for whatever reason, it smudged much faster than any of my other designs. I used the Essie Instant dry oil and all my other nails were fine, but the heart was all messed up and I pretty much had to remove the nail polish the next day because it was all jacked up. I’ll keep working on this one because I think I can master it with a little more practice.


Here were my results:

The heart actually didn’t turn out half bad but my lines could use some improvement.