The Value of Privacy


Y’all, I know, I know, it has been FOREVER since I last wrote. I mean, almost 13 months but who’s keeping track? Add this to the list of reasons why I would be no good at being a professional blogger. Seriously, where has life/time gone? Let me fill you in… Last I wrote I recapped […]

January 13th: sisters

Aaaand another quote chosen for a specific day. I love my sissy booboo. And yes, that is what I call her. When we were little, Sarah and I didn’t really get along. We didn’t get along until our babysitter probably thought we were going to kill each other and decided to reward us with prizes […]

My little sister

Happy Friday, er Saturday everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and is getting ready to take in some “you” time. I unfortunately still have to work this Saturday night and then my weekend begins. I have a few plans and my 2 year anniversary with Keaton is on Monday so hopefully that day has […]