The Value of Privacy


Y’all, I know, I know, it has been FOREVER since I last wrote. I mean, almost 13 months but who’s keeping track? Add this to the list of reasons why I would be no good at being a professional blogger. Seriously, where has life/time gone? Let me fill you in… Last I wrote I recapped […]

January 13th: sisters

Aaaand another quote chosen for a specific day. I love my sissy booboo. And yes, that is what I call her. When we were little, Sarah and I didn’t really get along. We didn’t get along until our babysitter probably thought we were going to kill each other and decided to reward us with prizes […]

Why Having an Older Sister is the Best and the Worst

I know I don’t usually make any posts on Thursday but today I really needed to.  This is not a post about how having an older sister is great or how it sucks, as perhaps my title suggests. This is specific to my older sister and my relationship with her. First, I need to give […]

My little sister

Happy Friday, er Saturday everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and is getting ready to take in some “you” time. I unfortunately still have to work this Saturday night and then my weekend begins. I have a few plans and my 2 year anniversary with Keaton is on Monday so hopefully that day has […]

Dear Niece, (and other teenage girls)

Dear Niece, I hope you’ve been doing well. I know we’re not friends on Facebook but what I can see of your profile is starting to alarm me. I understand that these last two years have been incredibly difficult on you and from an early age you were forced to grow up sooner than most […]

The L and T words

I’d like to have a little chat about two very important words. One is important in general and the other is important to me. The problem with these words are that they are taken for granted until they are overly abused and become unattainable for future friends and lovers. These words are Love and Trust. […]