Happy Friday, er Saturday everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and is getting ready to take in some “you” time. I unfortunately still have to work this Saturday night and then my weekend begins. I have a few plans and my 2 year anniversary with Keaton is on Monday so hopefully that day has a lot in store for me.

But enough about me, lets talk about my little sister who hands down wins Friday Friend of the Week. Here’s why: she met me in LaCrosse on Sunday on a whim. Let me give you a little background info. I hate shopping alone. I had texted Kacie to see if she was free; she wasn’t. So I texted Sarah and asked her to meet me somewhere halfway between us to go shopping. Being in college still, Sarah had homework and wasn’t really able to meet up. After about 5 minutes of convincing her she should meet me and making arrangements to get her homework done early the next morning we both headed towards our destination.

Talk about awesome. It was a farther drive for me and I was no doubt going to spend money on her- but those extra costs were totally worth seeing her even for just a few hours. I find in life there are very few people who are willing to do this which is why my sister is hands down my friend of the week.