Day 15 of Inspiration : Doing Just Fine

I love this quote. It really puts everything in perspective. I also have a low tolerance for drama and other crap like that at the moment. Lately there have been a lot of people walk out of my life for the reason that I just couldn’t hold on any longer. I can only try so […]


Happy Friday everyone. It’s been a VERY long week- to say the least. But there is one incredibly important thing that this week has taught me- and it’s that I have an amazing group of friends. All I hope is that I am half as good of a friend as all of them have been […]


Woohoo it’s Friday! I hope you all are enjoying the day. And if you’re not then shame on you. You woke up, so that’s a start. Things are never as bad as they seem. Plus its the weekend. So there’s that. Anyway, this Friday I have chose to honor Calla again as my Friday Friend […]

Talkin’ ’bout my girls

I know, I know, it’s not Friday. But I was home this past weekend and I have to write a post about 3 ladies who are near and dear to me. I have been blessed with some of the best friends in the world (I’m sure most people say this) but I have also been […]

Alex and Kelee

Well Happy Friday. Or Valentine’s Day. Whatever you would like to call today. Anyway, since I haven’t blogged on a Friday or honored a friend in a really long time this Friday I decided I would honor two amazing people. Kelee- Kelee and I became friends not too long ago actually. I’ve known her since the […]