doingjustfineI love this quote. It really puts everything in perspective. I also have a low tolerance for drama and other crap like that at the moment. Lately there have been a lot of people walk out of my life for the reason that I just couldn’t hold on any longer. I can only try so hard for so long until trying to remain someone’s friend, who really doesn’t care about being mine, is more work than reward. At that point I really don’t care anymore and it’d probably be better for all parties involved if we just went our separate ways.

I remember more and more why I have few girlfriends: girlfriends are a lot of drama. Growing up I always had one or two girlfriends and mainly guy friends. And I do like having guy friends more than I like having girlfriends. Lately however, it seems as though having more guys as friends just leads to more drama among my girlfriends. This is seriously stressing me out to the point where I pretty much only want to hang out with my dog. I also think I have been pushed to the point where I need to leave Iowa. I’ve thought about this a lot lately and I’ve got a lot more thinking and praying to do on the matter but it’s time I threw this out there. I need to do what’s best and healthiest for me.


Here’s looking at you, kid.