6 Facts that Define Me

1. I am a water snob.I grew up on a farm and drinking water from the well. Which in the summer time was the coolest thing ever. My father always told to never buy water because it was a waste of money. And for the majority of my life- he was right. Obviously I had […]

xoxo, Star

Merry Christmas Eve, all. I’ll be home and in Chicago the next week so I may or may not have any new posts. I’m at work tonight and it’s slow so I wanted to make a quick post to let you all know. Because tonight has been so dead I’ve been making some updates to […]


Happy Monday readers. I know it’s music Monday but I just had to post about something else. My best friend in the entire world got engaged Friday night!!! I have been sitting on this for days waiting until Monday when I could congratulate her and tell the world. I am just so happy for her! […]

Reasons Why Chuck Bass is my ideal spouse

Last night before I was able to fall asleep I thought about a bunch of things. One in particular was my future spouse. At the same time I was also thinking about Gossip Girl- namely, Chuck Bass. That’s when I realized Chuck Bass is my ideal spouse. I even compiled a list of reasons why. […]

My young appearance

For as long as I can remember, I have always appeared younger than how old I really was at the time. And up until about a year ago, this has always bothered me- mainly because my younger sister looks older than I do. But then I realized something- 20 years from now my sister will […]

6 Random Facts That You Didn’t Know About Me (until now)

1. I am terrified of doing anything alone. I have started to conquer this fear lately by going grocery shopping alone. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve always done everything with my younger sister and so I feel like I still always need a buddy. 2. I was a politics major in college for 2 […]