1. I am terrified of doing anything alone. I have started to conquer this fear lately by going grocery shopping alone. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve always done everything with my younger sister and so I feel like I still always need a buddy.

2. I was a politics major in college for 2 reasons. 1- to upset my father (he hates politics and he was paying for my college) and 2- to become a police officer.

3. Jameson is the only whiskey I can drink without starting to fight people or get in a bad mood. You don’t want to give me any other kind of whiskey. Really.

4.  My pets’ nicknames are different animals. I used to call my late cat, Fuzzie, fox and I call my puppy monkey.

5. I care more about animal abuse and when animals get hurt than when people are injured. Mainly people people are cruel and animal can’t defend themselves.

6. I don’t really like talking on the phone. Unless I have no other option. Mainly because I talk on the phone all day at work. I’d rather Skype or text or something like that. I will talk on the phone- but it’s not always my preferred method.