6 Random Facts That You Didn’t Know About Me (until now)

1. I am terrified of doing anything alone. I have started to conquer this fear lately by going grocery shopping alone. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve always done everything with my younger sister and so I feel like I still always need a buddy. 2. I was a politics major in college for 2 […]

A Random Collection of Goods

Here are some things that I have found on the internet or have been shared on Facebook that were too good not to pass along. I will update this weekly so please check back! 10/24- The difference between men and women…? Absolutely. 10/23- Something I’ll never have to worry about because I have a unique […]

2nd place is better than nothing.

Well, we heard about the competition. And we took 2nd place winning 60inch TV’s. Which I’m actually ok with because everyone starting fighting over who I was going to take to Cali. And that was stress I didn’t need. So I’m happy just winning something. It’s pretty exciting and I’m very proud of myself and […]

When all else fails….

….send me music videos with lyrics that you wish you could say. Sometimes saying what you want or how you feel is difficult. And as everyone already knows, I love song lyrics, there’s always a song that has lyrics that I can send to someone when I have no words to say. I know this […]

The Start of Wedding Season

Summer has started and as such, the beginning of wedding season. My boyfriend and I attended our first wedding last evening. I also have had a few Facebook friends who have tied the knot in the last few weeks. This leads me to think about a few things: 1- my own wedding- or lack there […]