Here are some things that I have found on the internet or have been shared on Facebook that were too good not to pass along. I will update this weekly so please check back!

10/24- The difference between men and women…? Absolutely.

10/23- Something I’ll never have to worry about because I have a unique name. Do you?
10/23- Which state matches your personality? Apparently I match South Carolina. 

10/16- A hilarious truth about the 50 States. Do you think they’re true?

10/7- Quite possibly the best article I have read in a long time. It’s about breakups.
10/7- And then there’s this. Hands down the funniest post ever.

10/2- 20 things all women should do before getting married. A couldn’t agree more. 
10/2- A really great article about love and getting #engaged

9/26- Reasons why I miss my childhood. The good ol’ days. 

9/24- 6 Castles that cost less than a NYC apartment. No joke.
9/24- 22 signs Katie is my bestie. For real.
9/24 – And now I want a baby. Great…

9/18- Clint Eastwood’s son…yummy.
9/18- Really great parenting ideas. Really
9/18- Amazing commercial from Asia. I even cried a little. Watch it.