Well Happy Friday. Or Valentine’s Day. Whatever you would like to call today. Anyway, since I haven’t blogged on a Friday or honored a friend in a really long time this Friday I decided I would honor two amazing people.

Me and Kelee

Kelee and I became friends not too long ago actually. I’ve known her since the end of November and we just really started hanging out the beginning of last month. Needless to say we hit it off right away. She even re-arranged her plans to make it to my birthday party bus and took care of me when I was a complete idiot.

This girl is crazy and I love it. Plus we work together so I get to see her all the time. My schedule just changed so now I get done with work 4 hours earlier than she does so it’s gotten super hard to spend quality time with her. No excuses though, so I need to start drinking more energy drinks so I can stay out late and hang out with her.


Playing cards at Alex’s house

Alex-Apparently there are no photos of Alex and I. Alex and I have known each other for almost a year but he was promoted to best guy friend status a few months ago. Alex and I also work together which usually makes the time go much faster. To be honest, he’s probably the best guy I know. He’s sweet and genuine and I don’t even think any of my girl friends are good enough to date him- THAT’s how good of a guy he is. He’s a great listener when I need to vent and it’s really refreshing to have a guy’s point of view.

There’s a ton more great things I can say about these two, but it’s probably too much to write in one post so I have no doubt you will be reading about them in future posts.