Well, I attempted another Pinterest Nail Art Design to get my nails ready for worship. I’ve been going through and adding more nail art pins daily so I decided to attempt one of my newer pins.

To my discovery, it was just the picture and no tutorial at all. So, I decided to keep roughly the same colors (I switched blue for a mint color) and decided the lines could best be made with a bobbypin as apparently I don’t own any toothpicks.

I decided to start with the white polish as that would probably need a few coats and would have to be fully dry before I added the top colors. I threw on some of the Essie Instant Dry Oil to speed up the process.
wpid-img_20150516_205957726.jpgI painted on the other colors. Since the thumb isn’t visible in the Pinterest photo, I made the executive decision to make it the same color as my pinky. I painted an extra coat on the other nails and decided it was probably safe to add the lines to the white nails.
I decided I would add the purple, then the green and brush it out with the clear polish in hopes that it would pull the color down a little. Unfortunately there was extra oil still on those nails so when I added the color it spread. I added the purple to each nail and then the green but by the time I got back to the clear topcoat to pull the paint through, due to the Instant Dry Oil, the blotches were already dry. Ugh! So I dabbed a little more purple on and some green and it really looked nothing like what it did in the Pin.

nail_artwpid-wp-1432093461277.jpegThe picture really doesn’t do my nail art much justice, it really did look better in person. This was definitely a learning experience. Next time I will be more careful with the nail oil and will probably need to get a nail art pen for better results. I’m leaving the pin on my board so I can try this one again. Also, I need to find some better lighting because my kitchen light isn’t doing my any justice either!

Until next time, xoxo.