Phew, its finally Friday. What a long week its been. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to the weekend.

This Friday I decided I was going to do something different. I decided that I am going to honor every guy friend that I’ve ever had, starting with the most recent to the farthest back I can remember. Some dates you will see overlap- this is partially because I was in college and partially because some of the time it was on and off.

Anyway, here are the guys who did/do make my life a little sweeter. Even if I don’t talk to them today they will forever have a place in my heart.

Alex: Dec 2013-present. I should start by saying that Alex and I work together. I should also say that there was a long period of time when I thought Alex hated me and was afraid to talk to him. Not sure how we overcame this. I think it started when he had a crush on one of my girlfriends. Long story short that backfired like non other but Alex and I totally bonded over it. Now, I’m able to talk with Alex about anything. It’s so nice to have an honest perspective from the male brain on all sorts of topics.

Spencer: October 2011- December 2013. Spencer and I go all the way back to college- and let me clarify, we were never, ever, by no means friends in college. As a matter of fact I told him to delete my number from his phone and never talk to me again. And then one night at the end of September in 2011 I ended up having a beer- the type of beer that he always drank- and I texted him. Spencer and I then started our friendship by playing cards and talking about life and family and the best movies out there. Our friendship turned in to a trio with Kacie but that was also the cause of Spencer’s and my falling apart. Another long story short, there was a bunch of drama and I decided it wasn’t worth it to stay friends with Spencer. I’ve since realized the pettiness of my ways and we have started talking again.

Enoc: September 2010- December 2011 Enoc was two years behind me in college and we had a good handful of mutual friends in common. I helped Enoc become a manager in the Work Study Program that we were a part of which allowed us to both make a lot of money and both return to school early to serve food to the football players. When we weren’t stuck working we would be hanging out talking or going on walks and road trips. We decided that each month we were going to go to a different style of restaurant to broaden our horizons but to also treat each other and go out. After all, why not. Enoc even took me to his fraternity’s formal. And it was a blast. Enoc was just so chill that it was refreshing.

Sedar: September 2008- (2009?) I met Sedar my freshman year of college. Sedar was super sweet and would occasionally walk me back to my room late at night across campus. Sedar ran to my room in the freezing cold with no jacket when I called him and told him I was assaulted. Sedar pledged in to a frat that I was really good friends with but I didn’t think he was a good fit for that fraternity and we started to drift apart.

Riemer: June 2007- August 2011. Riemer, where do I even begin? We met when we were both junior staff members at WILS (aka leadership camp). I thought John was awesome. He and I were friends when Daniel and I weren’t. John and I lived no where near each other so all of our conversations were had via text message. I could always talk to John. No matter what the situation, no matter what the time. He was always there for me- something I hadn’t experienced with other friends before. The summer before my senior year of college I visited Riemer and that was the beginning of the end of our friendship. If I could go back I probably would to make this night end differently. And then he was hitting on my sister. And well, friendship over.

Daniel: August 2004- August 2008. Daniel came to my school freshman year but I don’t really remember how we hit it off. What I do remember was that every girl in pretty much the entire school had a crush on him. I did too but I was way to shy to admit it so I decided that being best friends with him would be 10x easier. There were some rough times, at one point towards the end of sophomore year I hated Daniel more than anyone I could think of. We didn’t talk much of my junior year because I was dating someone else and wasn’t around my school a lot. But once that guy and I broke up, Daniel was the first person I texted and we picked up like we had never left off, at least that’s how I felt. Daniel and I went to college in different parts of the country and it was harder to talk and we were no longer sharing experiences with the same people. I guess that’s just part of growing up.

Derek: 1996-2000. Derek and I were childhood friends. We built forts together and him and I and our siblings were always hanging out together. All my best memories as a kid involve Derek. Unfortunately, we both started growing up and forts took a back seat to dating and well, growing up. There were never any hard feelings; just a lot of drifting apart.