rushintoloveDouble quote day! These two seemed to go hand-in-hand so I wanted to combine them on the same post. I’m still waiting on my happier ever after. Some days being single is a real struggle. A lot of nights I just sit here and hang out with Beyjuh and Maggie and my thoughts. Most days being single is a real blessing – I don’t have to close the door when I go to the bathroom, I can make whatever I want for dinner and I can stay out at a friend’s house until all hours and not have to ask permission. An even bigger blessing is that I can work on myself and my relationship with my creator. After all, he will find the right guy for me that will help me to draw even closer to him.

lastforeverAll that is fine and dandy to keep in mind, but some days my imperfection gets the best of me and I just really want to have a partner. Someone who I can talk with, go out in service with, play board games with and do all that cute lovey-dovey stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I know relationships are hard work and that some days are not always rainbows and butterflies. There are disagreements and compromise and misunderstandings, just to name a few. But I want all of that, I want to struggle and the stress and I want the benefits of having someone love me for exactly who I am. I want to love someone for exactly who they are and we can work on our imperfections together.

These two quotes help keep everything in perspective though. They serve as a reminder that love cannot be rushed. My best relationships came when I was not looking for them. They were not rushed or forced and everything progressed naturally. That’s what I want in the future as well. So despite my desire to find The One, I’m going to focus on myself and what will draw me closer to God. After all, a marriage is a permanent union and after that, there will be no more luxuries of single life. This is an either or kind of situation. I will have to share my closet and my bathroom and my french fries. So for right now, I’m just going to hang tight and trust that the right guy will be put on my path at the right time when I am really ready to share my heart with someone again. Until then, more french fries and Oreos for me.