1000memoriesI love music. Music lyrics speak to me when I don’t have the words to say what I’m feeling. I love lyrics – so much that I started Music Monday on my blog (I really need to start that up again.) to highlight song lyrics that I love. I originally was going to explain what the words meant to me but I found it a bit too personal at the time.

A lot of the songs that bring back lots of memories are tied to relationships. The good news is that most of those songs are older and as such not played on the radio any,more. Every once and awhile I will hear “The Truth” by Jason Aldean and have to take a deep breath. 1 song, 1000 memories. For whatever reason, I am rendered unable to change the radio station. So I listen, transformed back to a time where nothing mattered but gaining the love of someone. Once the song is over I can return to my normal routine, and the memories slowly disappear throughout the day.

Then there are some songs, like “Say You Like Me” And “No Air” that make me breathless and I have to change the station to ensure that I will indeed take another breath. And yes, there are good songs, and there are good memories. During season three of “Gossip Girl” at the very end of the episode where Rufus and Lily get married, Gossip Girl says : There are songs that make us want to dance. Songs that make us want to sing along. But the best songs are the ones that bring you back to the moment you first heard them. And once again, break your heart. XOXO

I’ll just leave that as it is.