The Value of Privacy


Y’all, I know, I know, it has been FOREVER since I last wrote. I mean, almost 13 months but who’s keeping track? Add this to the list of reasons why I would be no good at being a professional blogger. Seriously, where has life/time gone? Let me fill you in… Last I wrote I recapped […]

January 14th- Trust in God

So funny story that this quote is this day. Not funny, haha but funny, ironic. On the 13th I received a call from my apartment building regarding my dog. My sweet, never hurt a fly dog had allegedly bit someone. Long story short, there is absolutely no proof this happened (because it didn’t) but I […]

January 7th: Memories

At almost twenty six years old, I have a lot of memories. I have some amazing memories and I have memories of hurting some innocent people pretty badly. I have memories of laughing so hard I peed my pants and I have memories of crying so hard that it hurts. There are some memories that […]

Never Been Happier : Day 4

I love this quote, which I guess goes without saying since I selected it for 31 Days of Inspiration, but I’m saying it anyway. I came across this quote relatively recently and I’m glad I did because it applies so much to my life right now. You know that saying : “As you grow up […]

Why Having an Older Sister is the Best and the Worst

I know I don’t usually make any posts on Thursday but today I really needed to.  This is not a post about how having an older sister is great or how it sucks, as perhaps my title suggests. This is specific to my older sister and my relationship with her. First, I need to give […]