The Year of Vision

new year goals chapter

Y’all – it’s been a LONG time since I’ve last posted (over a year, eek!). It’s also been a long time since I’ve updated this site. If you’re a “regular” around these parts, you may have noticed some tweaks when coming to this page – and my hope is that you’ll notice a few more in the coming months. To understand how far we’ve come, sometimes we need to look back and see where we were. So come on, let’s take a quick look down memory lane, courtesy of the Wayback Machine!

Given the fact I haven’t updated in awhile, expect some change to be headed this way. After all, one of my goals this year is to be more creative!

In order to best hold myself accountable, I want to share my 2020 goals with you! I’ve found over the last four years that my goals can by broken down in to five categories: health, spiritual, financial, life and fun. This year is no exception.

  1. Exercise 75% of the year.
  2. Auxiliary Pioneer at least once.
  3. Sell $500 worth of stuff I no longer use.
  4. Clear out a shelf in the bathroom by using stuff up.
  5. Do something creative 2x per month.

My health goal used to be along the lines of weighing a certain amount but after years of not achieving it, I decided to mix it up a little bit. So far, I’m pacing very well for the month! I would recommend this concept to anyone who is also struggling to lose weight and not seeing the scale moving in their favor. I’ve decided to *try* to shift my mindset and focus more on being healthy and feeling good, than what the scale says. It’s a work in progress, but I’m trying! Oh, and my back definitely thanks me!

Gosh, what else is new? I hit 3/5 of my 2019 goals, so I’m shooting for at least 4 if not 5 of them this year. One of my goals last year was to read 12 books throughout the year. I’m assuming I set it after writing one of my blog posts. I figured, one a month, that’s not too bad, totally doable. Well, I got through eight books. However, so far in these first 28 days of January, I’ve completed FOUR books. I’ve been on a total reading kick! Which has been great, but it’s prevented my from doing something creative, so here I am, at the end of the month switching up my website and writing a blog post.

I mean, whatever works, right?

The thing is, I want to create good content. Content that’s actually worth reading, since it would be fun to monetize this blog a little. By that I mean, get some free stuff in the mail to try or review or whatever. I tried putting ads on this site once upon a time and that’s really not where I want to take this site. I digress. My goal for this is to be a reliable place for everyday people to get information on products or life or whatever! I have cool info to share on workout stuff, vegan month (yep, this’ll be my 5th February going vegan!) and daily life hacks. Believe me, there’s been a post regarding how I use stuff up so efficiently that’s been a long time coming! I think it’s time to finally write that this year!

Anyway, I don’t want this to be an all over the place blog post, so I’m going to leave it at that tonight. Stay tuned though, because there’s a lot of good stuff on its way! And this time, I’m not just saying that.

xoxo, Star

P.S. I’ve decided what I’m calling the chapter after The Next Chapter. It’ll be called Next After Next. I was looking up options and those words just seemed to stick with me. So look for that category for my new life posts now that I’m 30 and all!