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No Matter What it Takes

whatever it takes, apologizing, apologize, beautiful life

Hey friends! Happy Friday. It’s pushing 1am here but I just had to write. I haven’t written in awhile (blah!) but I’ve wanted to. Here’s the curveball though – I’m not going to apologize for that. You see, the other night for some random reason, I went to my blog and I started clicking on […]

Social Media Rant and why Timehop is the best soci...

Social Media Rant and why Timehop is the best social media app created.

I absolutely believe that social media is ruining our lives. Over time (and social media – oh the irony) I’ve realized other people have the same conclusion. In a world where we feel more connected with 1000 of our “friends”- we actually become less connected with the 20 friends that actually matter to us. We […]



Well, thank gosh Monday is over. Monday takes the brunt of the rest of the week because no one wants the weekend to end. I really don’t hate Monday- I just really don’t like what Monday means. The good news is that the messages have slowly started to die down. Let me explain. I joined […]