Happy Friday Everyone!!! I’m so glad that it’s finally Friday. Really, because I need a break. With WILS two weekends ago and putting everything off to get ready for that and then being back and having so much to do. But I’m finally caught up on everything (for the most part) which is a good thing because it’s Kacie’s birthday tomorrow. So in honor of her birthday…which was amazing…I’m going to list off my best summer moments of all time- not in any particular order.

kacie221. Kacie’s 22nd Birthday. a.k.a. last summer (2013). Kacie was supposed to work but she left early and met me at my house where Spencer and I were waiting to drink with her. She was on a mission because she finished a six pack and the three of us killed a bottle and we decided that we were going to bar hop. It took us awhile to pick up Kacie’s boyfriend but then the night was awesome. We did shots at every bar. We even danced on the bar. I may have accidentally pulled Kacie’s top down. But overall it was a super fun night.

chicago20112. Weekend in Chicago with Katie. (2011) Ok, there have been a lot of weekends in Chicago with Katie. (A lot) It’s hard to pick summers with Katie but this one takes the cake because during this visit we decided that we were going to stop at every single bar on the walk home. This turned in to a terrible idea because it was over a mile walk and every second building was a bar and because Katie wasn’t 21 yet and almost had her fake taken away. We decided it was a bad idea and went home to relax before going to happy hour at another bar from 5-9pm. I think between us two and her friend, Molly, we had over 13 pints of beer (I lost count at 13). We went and got food where we met up with my friend, Julian and then went to keep drinking. Katie and I got bored and ditched the bar scene and stopped and bought ice cream- ate the whole thing and passed out before 1am. It was the best of both worlds.

funworld3. Fun World with Sarah and Keffy. (2009) It was a rough night. If I remember correctly, my boyfriend and I had just gone on a break about a week prior and he had a pre-high school graduation thing that night. So my sister and I hung out with one of our best friends, Keffy. We ended up sneaking a few wine coolers (sorry, Dad…and to Keffy’s parents.) and decided that we were going to go to Fun World. (Don’t bother Googling it- it no longer exists. Bye, Bye Childhood.) It was basically a Chuckie Cheese and Dave and Busters but in the middle. Anyway, we used up all our tickets and played games and won tons of prizes and candy and then sat outside my car and sang a song- that my sister has on video and is still on my Facebook somewhere.

kerry4. Door County the week of Kerry’s 21st birthday. (2011) This was a very interesting week. I just started my new job and was supposed to be at work on the Tuesday- but my boss never told me and I was in Door County with Kerry. She had a condo up there so we went up to drink and shop and pretty much what people do up there. Anyway, on Tuesday night we went to every bar in Sister Bay and had a drink with her dad- she didn’t turn 21 until a few days later. Anyway, we drank a ton and then went back to her house and I broke up with my boyfriend. The next day we went to a Timber Rattlers baseball game with my friend, John, whom I had been in love with for like, ever. The night didn’t end the best [read: puking. Watch the alcohol consumption, kids. Remember, a 120lb girl can NOT drink as much as 200lb frat boys. Lesson learned.]

laurenmadison5. Summer with Lauren when I was 20. (2010) Lauren was already 21 at this point and had no one to drink with because none of her close friends were of age. Not wanting to let the party down, I got a fake ID that summer and spent the rest of it drinking [sorry, liver.] Lauren and I had a blast. We went out on this guys boat that I met through work, we bar hopped and one night we went to Madison and partied with my friend, Paul’s frat. That was probably one of the best nights, ever, that summer.

6. Sauerkraut Days with Calla. (2012) This may actually take the cake as one of the best nights ever, actually. I’m not sure what time Calla, Spencer, Spencer’s friend and I started drinking that night, but we were on a mission. Calla and I killed a handle [ok, it was Cherry McGuillicuddys with red bull] and another bottle between the two of us and I’m pretty sure Spencer drank an entire case of beer. Then we made Spencer drink the entire bottle of McGuilicuddys Lemon Drop before we could go to Sauerkraut Days. Once there we started drinking beer- I drank my own and Calla drank from pretty much every guy’s that we were hanging out with. Spencer danced with a 40 year old lady and Calla and I ended up eating Jello Shots. Calla had a few more because she took them from people. We ended up walking back to my house and the night went downhill from there but it was no fault of Calla’s.

crazypaul7. Madison with Crazy Paul. (2011) This counts as summer because college hadn’t technically started yet. I went up to Madison to spend one night with him and one night with my ex-boyfriend turned friend, Brian. I got to Paul’s frat house (different Paul from above, FYI) and if recall correctly, we started drinking. We ended up at some bar and they served us in chalice’s. We stole three of them, I think [I still have mine.] We went to other bars and all I remember is doing a bunch of shots, sneaking to the bathroom to puke at one point, getting back to the frat house and puking more. Madison.

8. Every summer with Megan, Kirk and Derek. (1995-2000, roughly.) When we were kids, my sister and I spent pretty much the entire summer with The Kids Across The Street. We built forts and did all the stuff that kids do. I wish I could go back to those days. [In case you’re curious, the Tarzan fort was probably the best, followed by the Pilgrim fort.]

9. The Summer of Michelle (2001) This summer Michelle and I saw each other every single day. Either she was sleeping at my house or I was sleeping at hers. We thought we got Aaron Carter’s phone number [I don’t think we did, but it was exciting at the time] And we filled up water balloons and stuffed out shirts and walked around and sold baked goods. We also played spin the bottle a ton because we both had a crush on this guy, Paul [apparently I have a thing for guys named Paul…] and that was my first real kiss that summer [not according to my sister, so I guess I’m lucky to have two first kisses depending on who you ask.]

10. LATE EDITION and my absolute favorite. Summer with my dad when my sister and I were little and we would go for walks to the woods. I know this doesn’t sound super special but my father would carry around vanilla wafers. Whenever we saw a bubble bee we would sing the bubble bee song [yes, I still remember it] and when we turned around the bubble bee was gone and there was a vanilla wafer. It wasn’t until I was significantly [somewhere between 11 and 13] older that I found out that my father was throwing out the vanilla wafers the entire time. Sneaky, dad.

So there you have it. Now stop reading and go outside and make you own memories. It’s gorgeous out!