Oh my goodness, how did we already get to 2018? The last time I published an article was back in April. That’s almost 8 months ago. A couple years ago I tried to write a blog post each day in January and honestly, I think it was incredibly therapeutic for me. For those of you that haven’t been around for the whole journey, the entire reason I started this blog was for therapeutic reasons. There’s a lot going on so I can use any stress relief I can find haha!

Anyway, without any further ado,  let’s talk about my first quote for my 2018 Words of Wisdom January (aka 31 days of inspiration). In 2017 I set some legit goals for myself – and I achieved one out of six of them. In my opinion that’s not too great. Those goals created directly correlated to my long term goals and where I want to be with my life – so not achieving them is kinda a bummer.

It’s been this past year that I realized I never really committed to my goals, not because I didn’t want them, but because I don’t like to struggle and put in the extra work. Growing up, I’ve always had more than my fair share of natural abilities so I never really had to put forth much effort to achieve good grades/promotions/roles in shows or anything. If it required more work than I wanted to put in then it was no longer something I wanted. And just like that I moved on to the next thing on my list that could be accomplished with little extra effort. While this realization is a little brutal, knowledge is power, right? Now the question is, what do I do with this knowledge?

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And finding the answer to that, my friends, is what I am struggling with. Am I setting attainable goals? Do I really not want what I think I want? Did I just create those goals to appease someone else? All these questions are swirling around in my head. I know my endgame but how in the heck am I going to get there? There’s a million roads to Rome. And I know, I know, it’s more about the journey than about the destination. But hello, I like to make good use of my time and I don’t want one journey to lead me off my path. And ok, ok, maybe that will take me someplace better but maybe it won’t. These are legitimate thoughts that run through my mind.

With all that being said, I think I really need to sit down this week and figure out some short term and long term goals – that are attainable – and then I need to work on my follow through. I need to be committed to these goals. I need to truly, honestly push myself to work for what I want. It may be a struggle, but if I want to achieve my goals then it’s worth it to be committed to them.

Here’s to 2018. I hope you set some goals too and go after your dreams! Thanks for being here and I can’t wait to see what we can all accomplish when we set our minds to it!

xoxo, Star