Confession, I started writing this article Tuesday, January 3rd of 2017 – almost exactly a year ago and apparently just stopped out of the blue. Out of respect for my creative juices, I’m going to publish that “draft” with my new post.

**original content**

Happy Tuesday loves! And Happy January! It has been a LONG time since I last wrote and I needed to change that. Also, I really liked the post a day challenge that I did last January so I had every intention to start that this year as well. However, here we are on the 3rd of the month and I’m making my first post. Oh well! Life, amirite?

Before I start in on this lovely quote – let me catch you up on what’s been going on the last eleven months of my life.

  1. Transitioned from Shared Chat to Server Chat at my company (talk about a learning curve but it’s been great.)
  2. Was honored as one of the top performers in my company – and the top performer in my department and was flown out to Arizona with one of my girlfriends for an awards banquet.
    1. Visited Arizona and got to spend time with one of my girlfriends and a close family friend!
  3. Auxiliary Pioneered twice!
  4. I became a LuLaRoe consultant! (more on this in future posts).

**resume current content**

So, now that we’re another YEAR down the road from that post, man, it feel like forever. Let me update you on where we are from there.

  1. Went from Server Chat to Hosting Trainer back to Hosting Phones. Yep, after close to three years off the phone I am now back on them.
  2. Sarah and I went to New York for 8 days and saw the new world headquarters and toured the city. We had a blast and I only thought about killing her once!
  3. I auxiliary pioneered a third time!
  4. I’m still doing LuLaRoe – I should be doing it more – and I still do need to blog about it. But if you’re looking to shop – my store is here. And if you’re looking to join my online community and get special offers, styling tips and giveaways, please join here. I would love to have you!

So, now that we’re a little caught up on the basics, lets talk about this quote! If you’ve followed along throughout time you’ll know that I love a good quote. And while I picked this one out a while ago, I totally believe it is still relevant!

I know so many people who are always living for the weekend. Shoot, there are some weeks I feel like that myself. And making plans for the weekend is all fine and dandy, usually we do have more time on the weekend. But wishing away the week to get to the weekend is no way to live, in my opinion. It literally means that you are wasting away 5 days for 2 days.

There are good things about all the days in the week! Monday is a fresh start and back in the day we always used to go out for Wing Thursday. When I was driving home the other night I saw a bunch of cars parked at the school, likely for a school concert. And I remember in college how they used to have musical concerts on Tuesday nights. Speaking of which, $5 movies at Marcus theatres all day on Tuesday- and small free popcorn for members! Talk about a win!

Tuesday, quote, life, weekendAlso, the grocery store I generally frequent has special sales in the Health Market on Wednesday’s, so that’s something to look forward to! During the week there are generally special events going on at libraries and there is trivia and stand up comedy shows and all sorts of awesome things during the week. This is definitely going to depend on your area but there are generally social calendars on your town’s website with all the events going on during the week/month.

With that being said, I suggest you give it a try – plan something during the week that you can really look forward to! Maybe a date with your significant other or your friends. Just as idea- a group of my girlfriends and I used to pick a painting and go paint (generally on Wednesdays) and it was a great way to break up the week, drink a little wine and enjoy their company! The benefits definitely outweigh the little bit of work that was put forth to get it all planned out. And don’t forget to have fun!

xoxo, Star