Baby Shark

Do do, do do do do, Baby Shark. Ok, so maybe this isn’t exactly a song BUT there are different verses and you kinda sing it. And I know this isn’t Monday but I was recovering from my weekend yesterday so cut me some slack. I was given the privilege to return to Wisconsin Leadership […]

“Clockwork” by Easton Corbin

Happy Monday, readers! The weekend goes too fast, doesn’t it? I wish that it was still the weekend because I seriously have so much that I need to do still. I even make lists and there’s still a ton going on. Anyway, I digress. I love this new song by Easton Corbin. I heard it […]

“Us Again” by Chuck Wicks

Midnight, pick you upTake you on a slow driveYou and I hanging thereKissing in the street lightDidn’t matter where or whenWe just went every timeSo tell me will you take me thereSomewhere only you know whereI know we can be betterThan we’ve ever beenIf we could be us again Happy Monday everyone!! What a great […]

Summer 2014 Playlist

Happy Monday everyone! What a long weekend it’s been. Plus the weather here has been super crappy (there was a tornado in the area yesterday) and my allergies are killing me. So I wish I was still in bed with my puppy. But anyway, storm season being here now means that soon it will be […]

“Compass” by Lady Antebellum

So let your heart, sweet heart Be your compass when you’re lost And you should follow it wherever it may go When it’s all said and done You can walk instead of run Happy Monday everyone! I haven’t written on a Monday in awhile so here we go. Keaton and I were driving home from my […]