Happy Monday, readers! The weekend goes too fast, doesn’t it? I wish that it was still the weekend because I seriously have so much that I need to do still. I even make lists and there’s still a ton going on. Anyway, I digress.

I love this new song by Easton Corbin. I heard it once and didn’t remember it and I’ve finally heard it again. This song used to resemble my life a ton. But like all bad habits, it was able to be broken – much like Easton’s “character” in the video. I have more to say about the video this week then the song in general. I think the video is so well done and fits the song perfectly. That’s really what I look for in a video. I want it to be a mini movie- and this one is.

Anyway, give it a watch, it’s totally worth it.

You call, I say hello
You knock, I’m lettin’ you in
You say, you’ve missed
My lips, we kiss
Here we go again
Your dress, my shirt
We love, I live and never learn
I crash, I burn
You leave, I hurt
Like clockwork

It’s like I’m walkin’ down the street and fall in that same trap, girl
I see a freight train comin’ and I just stand there on the tracks, girl
Somebody’d be gettin’ rich if they were placin’ bets
On me thinkin’ no, no, no, always sayin’ yes
It’s too easy, you know my street
And you know where I leave my key
Baby you know me, I can count on you, to count on me
It’s like a movie I’ve seen a thousand times
I hate the end but I still hit rewind

Have a great week, loves.