Happy Friday loves! I’m ready for the weekend, to say the least. Too bad I have another 6 hours of work today and then another 8 hours tomorrow. Boo work! But this girl’s gotta pay the bills somehow! (And better to do it legally) Hopefully I can get a lot of stuff accomplished this weekend. […]

My little sister

Happy Friday, er Saturday everyone!! I hope everyone enjoyed their week and is getting ready to take in some “you” time. I unfortunately still have to work this Saturday night and then my weekend begins. I have a few plans and my 2 year anniversary with Keaton is on Monday so hopefully that day has […]


Happy Friday everyone! It’s about time I write another post about how amazing my friends are because my friends have been super awesome this week. Obviously I don’t have a friend named KCKS but rather it stands for Katie, Calla, Kacie, Sarah. Katie- I got snapchat this week so that Katie and I could send […]


I cannot believe that it’s Friday already. Holy cow time flies. I wish I wasn’t at work though. After going on vacation I wish that everyday… But alas, here I am. I have a little down time so I figured I’d write another blog about my best friend in the entire world. She has been […]


Happy Friday everyone! I wish I was hanging out with my friends but alas I am here at work. It’s raining out so I guess I’ll take that. Hopefully the rest of the night flies by because I’m kinda over being at work. But my new team is awesome. I do miss my old team […]