A Decade

Well…almost a decade.

It’s crazy to think I started this little blog at the end of 2012 and how it’s changed since then. Really, what hasn’t changed in the last 10 years? No need to mention the ongoing pandemic we’ve been dealing with for almost two years, but no, there’s been so much more than that.

Promotions – 6 of them to be exact, and one “demotion” in there, along with countless special projects.

The end of a major relationship, and then meeting the man I married.

Two apartments and buying our first house.

Getting a kitten, the death of my dog, and getting two new dogs.

Losing friends that were featured at one point in the pages of this blog, some to time & distance and others to death. Making a whole lot of new friends too. Really great, awesome friends.

Travel – to the Caribbean and three weeks in Europe, numerous trips throughout the country, and countless day trips.

Restoring my relationship with God.

Starting three side hustles, making the decision that two of them no longer served me.

Getting so out of shape that I could barely walk and then putting in the work to lose the weight and transform my mindset. Now helping others to do the same.

It’s been a whirlwind. This little blog has sat and watched it all. The drama of “Party Star” days. The enthusiasm of Vegan February. The inspiration of 31 days of quotes and the dedication to writing all the posts. And the silence, when life was too exciting, or too busy, or too tough to write about. Yes, this blog has been there. For almost a decade.

It’s undergone multiple different layouts, themes and fonts. New features. Added security. Once again, it’s time for it to change. Despite these changes, since its inception there’s always been one constant – the blue brand color, #2a9cc6. 

I’ve struggled for months on the decision of my brand. I love my blue website, but I also like the wine, mint, and baby pink color of my fitness brand. After much back and forth, I have decided to rebrand.

You’ve probably already noticed that the logo and coloring of the site has changed.


If you want to see all the different looks throughout the years, the Wayback Machine is amazing.

I can’t wait to see where we go from here! Thanks for being along for the journey – here’s to the next decade!