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Pinterest Nail Attempt #2 : the Sharpie

Happy Friday readers! Last night I attempted another Pinterest Nail Design off of my DIY board. The pin is to the left, which was taken from here. So I opened up the article and attempted to give it a try. I don’t have the metallic sharpies at the moment but I figured a regular sharpie should […]

Pam on the Nails

Happy Wednesday! I know today is usually Words of Wisdom Wednesday, so I’ll look for something to write about after this. I want to take this time though to introduce a new idea that I’m going to try : blogging about my Pinterest fails. Sarah says people already do this. I’m sure they do because […]


Ok, ok, don’t judge me. I started taking the quotes that I pin on Pinterest and turning them in to my blogs. You can only say so much on Pinterest that people will read. They mainly just look at the images. So, with the quotes that I really like I’m going to write a post. […]