Day 29: Satan and his Future

Simply put, Satan is a big jerk. He doesn’t care about anyone and he is trying to bring down as many people as he can. Don’t be fooled by that. I’ll be the first to tell you that I did have a good time in the world but it was filled with heartache and uncertainty and […]

The home stretch: day 25

I love this quote. Which I guess goes without saying or I wouldn’t have picked it. I also love to travel and despite my previous posts about memories, I love memories. You see, things will come and go, they will fade, they will break or they will cease to function or have purpose. Memories, good […]

January 7th: Memories

At almost twenty six years old, I have a lot of memories. I have some amazing memories and I have memories of hurting some innocent people pretty badly. I have memories of laughing so hard I peed my pants and I have memories of crying so hard that it hurts. There are some memories that […]