Happy Monday everyone! This week I had a tough decision between Tom Petty and The Wallflowers. In the end I had to select the song that was my mantra in college (I went to college in Iowa, in a town completely different from any town in my area.)

Every time I hear this song I turn it up. It’s not the happiest of all songs but I’m about the lyrics, always the lyrics. Back to the college aspect of it: for a really long time I wanted to leave the college I was at because it was in the middle of nowhere and I was incredibly unhappy- I wondered how I’d stayed there and wished that it would burn (give me a break, I was miserable). The other time I heard this song that it really stuck out in my head was when I was boating the summer before my senior year in college. One of my best friends and I were taking advantage of a guy that I knew with a boat and were tanning and drinking. It was amazing. It was completely crazy. But that was one of the best summers of my life. It reminds me that this summer I’m sitting in an office barely ever seeing my friends. And I hate it. It reminds me that I need to get back to me and what I want to do with my life. And I need to make these changes because nothing is forever– especially life. So I need to start living and doing what makes me happy. There’s got to be better than in the middle and I’m going to go after it. 

Plus, the song came out in the 90’s and songs from the 90’s are the best. THE BEST.

“Now it always seemed such a waste
She always had a pretty face
So I wondered how she hung around this place”