Ok, so judge me. This week my dog wins Friday Friend of the Week.

Up until about 2 years ago I was always a cat person. My cat was always there when I was upset and was my best friend. And then I realized why they call dogs “Man’s Best Friend”. I was super sick yesterday- so sick that I actually called in to work (which I haven’t done because I’ve actually been sick, sick in probably close to two years). All I did was lay in bed all day and keep a cold rag on my head. All I could eat was saltine crackers and applesauce. And Maggie- she didn’t care. She didn’t care that I looked like crap or that I wasn’t playing with her. Instead she curled up next to me and slept while I slept to make sure I was ok. And when it got too hot by me (I had to have my heated blanket on before I could fall asleep- so I had like 4 blankets on) she went down to the end of the bed and made sure no one came in the room to bother me. I haven’t felt so loved in such a long time.

She is truly my best friend this week.