Well, happy Monday everyone. I hope you enjoyed your weekend to the fullest. I know I did- I attended a friends wedding on Saturday and went out for Mexican on Friday with my boyfriend.

In contrast with how the last two Music Monday’s have gone, this week I wanted to talk more about the  Youtube video to this song. Originally I wanted to let this song just play in the background while I wrote about it but I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off of the video. Being someone who is in that industry, I’ve watched a lot of music videos and have seen a lot of not so great ones and on the flipside, a bunch that are amazing. This falls just shy of amazing. Here’s why:

1- It starts and ends exactly the same way. Which at the end, makes you realize that none of it really happened. Or it happened and it only took a matter of seconds.

2- Everything had a blue hue. Blue makes it feel sad but it also makes us trust what is going on. Plus there’s smoke everywhere, that’s pretty awesome too.

3- The chick is hot. Her outfit is awesome. The only downside is she’s taller than the guy (and I hate that) there are plenty of tall guys out there or short chicks, so that could have been improved.

And of course the song has some great lyrics that can be related to my life. Like the ones below…

And I… I tried so hard to let you go. 
But some kind of Madness, 
Is swallowing me whole, yeh.
Capture me, 
Trust in your dream, 
Come on and rescue me. 
Yes, I know, I can’t move on, 
Baby, you’re too head-strong. 
Our love is…