Ok, back to the totally sappy quotes. If there is one thing that I love it is love. Love makes all things possible. All things.

I don’t think this quote has to talk about romantic love though, or even love of a person, just love in general. The little boy who lives in an apartment above me is so adorable – in the summertime when it’s ok to stand outside for a longer period of time as well as have your windows open, he and I will chit chat. andthenWhat’s the most adorable is he will tell me how his day has been and its one long run on sentence because as soon as he finishes one thought he says “and then” and leads right in to the next cute thing that happened to him that day.

Awhile back I wrote a post about our choices and how one different choice would have put me on a completely different life path. I like to think of that as the ‘and then’ theory.
Here’s how it goes:
My parents got divorced
And then my dad started studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses
And then Jocelyn became our babysitter
And then, because of her, my sister and I became friends.

I wanted to go out of state for college so I went to Cornell
and then Dingle was my roommate and I hooked up with the congregation here
and then senior year I started and Dingle got me a job bartending with her.
And then I met Keaton and stayed in Iowa after graduation.
And then Jesse recommended that I work with her and I got wrapped up in work.
And then I started going to the hall again
And then Sarah came to visit and went out in service with Julie and Chelsea and asked them to hang out with me and help me out.
And then they became my best friends
And then I got baptized.

See, look at how fun of a game this is. All because of those two beautiful words. Each day is a series of ‘and then’ statements and there is so much beauty in that.