notagenieOk, we’ve made it to day two! I am a lady on a mission. I’ve missed writing a lot, so this is actually a really great form of therapy for me. Speaking of therapy, going back to worship has done wonders for my anxiety. Anxiety issues run in my family and I was officially diagnosed in October of 2009 after a handful of pretty terrible panic attacks. Fortunately I had the support of my amazing best friend and family as the doctors and I struggled through the prescription and the dosage. Almost 5 years later we decided to scale me back from 50mg daily to 25mg every other day until I run out of the pills and then I am done. You’d be surprised how long those pills last when you’re taking them every other day. It’s about a year later and I still have them (the pharmacy messed up and sent me another 90 day supply when I was almost done – fortunately we were able to get that resolved.).

Something else happened around the time that my medicine was scaled back – I started going back to worship. Around when I was diagnosed, I was heading down a slippery slope, I was attending meetings but not because I wanted to. I was going because I felt pressure from my father and the very sweet lady that I was studying with. Once I started going to meetings again though, I no longer really needed the medicine and I felt I was better able to deal with the stress in my life instead of relying on medication.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of people out there who definitely do need medication, and I absolutely encourage you to get the help that you need. You will feel so much better, I certainly know that I did. I’m only saying what worked for me in my particular case. Whether it be from a doctor or a therapist or whatever, know that there are a ton of resources and you are not alone in your struggle.

Anyway, besides that particular instance, I’ve found God to be such a positive factor in every aspect of my life. I pray regularly again and find that if I really work to live in harmony with my prayers then I can see the positive impact that my prayers are having on my life. Praying is so much more empowering than wishing and when I feel empowered I feel like I can tackle just about anything.