We’re just hanging around
Burnin’ it down
Sippin’ on some cold Jack Daniel’s
Jammin’ to some old Alabama with you, baby
Laying right here naked in my bed
I’m just doing my thing
You love it when I sing
Say it makes you feel like an angel
We about to get a little tangled up right about now
So girl let’s keep burnin’ it down
Burnin’ it down
Burnin’ it down

Girl when you want it, you know that I’m on it
You know that I love lovin’ up on you
Let’s hit the switch and let our shadows dance
And light it up like it’s our last chance

I wanna rock it all night
Baby girl, will you rock it out with me?
I wanna crawl through the dark
Just to feel your heartbeat against me

Happy Monday, readers. My apologies for being so distant lately. I really need to work on my personal site more instead of working on other peoples and putting it off altogether. Mainly I’ve been packing since I move in less than two weeks. Yep, you read me right- I’m moving- out in to the world- on my own for the first time. Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Absolutely. Am I heartbroken? A little. It’s pretty hard when you find out that your life isn’t going to turn out the way you thought it was. I mean, now it can turn out even better.

Anyway, I know I’m jumping on this song’s bandwagon a little late. Everyone has been ranting and raving about it on the country music stations. And I’m not gonna lie, it is a very catchy song.

Let’s talk about the underlying meaning to this song. In short: one can reasonably assume that this song is about Jason Aldean and his new girlfriend. If you haven’t followed the story- it’s the same lady that he was cheating on his wife with. No judgement, I don’t know the whole story. What I do find interesting, is that people are calling this his best song ever. Sometimes people just need to change. They need to get out of their rut and do something (or someone) different.

Maybe I’ll write a great screenplay or my blog will get better or something amazing will happen to me now. Now that I’m out of my “rut”. For the record- I don’t consider it a rut. Was I settling? Sure. Would someone else have been happy in my position? Sure. Was I in love? Absolutely. And that’s the heartbreaking part.

I bet Jason Aldean loved his wife a lot. But sometimes it’s painful to hold on to a realtionship that is no longer allowing you to grow. And that’s my situation as well- I was no longer growing.

Remember when I said change was coming? Well it is, and it’s going to keep rolling. I’ll keep you posted. And I’m going to make myself and this site even better.