morethanperfectWow, what an amazing quote, right? I think it rings true. I mean, how often do we hear, “she’s perfect” or “she’s beautiful” or anything along those lines? We hear them all the time. We hear them from real life people, we read it in magazines and we see it on TV and in movies. There is no originality.

As someone who loves to write (although perhaps it doesn’t show in my lack of blogging) this quote is incredibly inspiration. There are millions of words in the English language and we repeatedly use the same ones over and over instead of getting creative or searching for words that will, ultimately, be more meaningful. I think if someone uses words that aren’t overused, that it tells you that someone is really thinking of you.

To make it easier on you, let me help you out. I used a handy little tool  to help you out. Here are some of my favorite synonyms of beautiful:

  1. Alluring
  2. charming
  3. dazzling
  4. exquisite (I used to have a rooster named this)
  5. stunning
  6. ravishing
  7. bewitching

How about special?

  1. extraordinary
  2. memorable
  3. unique

And amazing? Let’s look at some of my favorite synonyms for that:

  1. fascinating
  2. stunning
  3. marvelous

So maybe you aren’t writing poetry to your significant other, but even spending a few minutes looking up a few words each day will improve your vocabulary. Let’s face it, if you really value someone, doing a little extra work to be original will really go a long way.