“Lookin’ For That Girl” by Tim McGraw

That girl, she’s a party, all nighter That girl, she’s a love gun slinger Neon Yager bomb country-okee singer That girl, she’s the walk on the wild side She’s the day glow, radio slow ride If you see her, tell her I’m Lookin’ for that girl, that girl, that girl Hard to find Got me […]

Summer 2014 Playlist

Happy Monday everyone! What a long weekend it’s been. Plus the weather here has been super crappy (there was a tornado in the area yesterday) and my allergies are killing me. So I wish I was still in bed with my puppy. But anyway, storm season being here now means that soon it will be […]

“Highway Don’t Care” by Tim McGraw

And it’s the start of another week. Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Anyway, without further adieu, the song of the week. The song doesn’t really relate to my life at this exact moment. But it did a little while ago. If you’ve been reading my post then you’re aware of […]