Do do, do do do do, Baby Shark.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t exactly a song BUT there are different verses and you kinda sing it. And I know this isn’t Monday but I was recovering from my weekend yesterday so cut me some slack. I was given the privilege to return to Wisconsin Leadership Seminar ( a.k.a WILS again this summer. And it was awesome, and exhausting.

wils14There is nothing more rewarding than facilitating a group of 16 year old leaders from all across the state. Plus I got to see a ton of my amazing friends that I met at WILS over the course of the years. And my sister. I got to see her. Can’t forget that. We had a blast- besides the fact that Hannah and I weren’t roommates and that Abby almost killed us in her car after we got coffee one day.

And here’s my shameless plug: WILS is about giving back. You only get to attend seminar one year and every year you return you are giving back. You are giving back to our future. The students that are fortunate enough to attend are the smartest, most talented, leaders across the state of Wisconsin. Their minds are still impressionable and they still genuinely care about the world and people around them.

4ofusEveryone thinks that the world is going down the toilet and that teenagers these days are worthless but I can tell you that after this weekend there are definitely still some good ones out there that want to make a difference and change the world. I just hope that by the time they get the chance that they still want to change it for the better.