Happy Wednesday! I know today is usually Words of Wisdom Wednesday, so I’ll look for something to write about after this. I want to take this time though to introduce a new idea that I’m going to try : blogging about my Pinterest fails. Sarah says people already do this. I’m sure they do because someone needs to start de-bugging these ideas. Follow me and I won’t lead you astray!

cooking-spray_300Pinterest fail of the day:

Spraying Pam on your recently painted nails to make the polish dry faster.  (Don’t look for it on Pinterest as I’m deleting it from my board so as to not mislead others.) Last Friday night I painted my nails and needed them to be dry so I could go to bed. So I looked up the pin and decided to give it a try. FAIL. Not only did my hands get all greasy, I did this in my kitchen where there is vinyl flooring and as I took a step I almost fell on my butt. Not only that but it did not make my nails dry.

Instead I went to Ulta and bought some Essie Instant Dry Oil and tried it on my nails Sunday night. I’m not going to lie, I was impressed. It actually dried right away and didn’t leave any smudges when I got in bed. I would absolutely recommend it.

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