pinterest_2Happy Friday readers! Last night I attempted another Pinterest Nail Design off of my DIY board. The pin is to the left, which was taken from here. So I opened up the article and attempted to give it a try. I don’t have the metallic sharpies at the moment but I figured a regular sharpie should do the trick. After filing my nails how I wanted, I added a pretty blue base coat and threw in a gray accent nail.

After that I let the paint dry and played some Crack Dots – also known as Two Dots. Once the first blue base coat was dry I added another coat. After that was dry I decided to give it a shot with the sharpie. It was a little difficult at first- I decided I hadn’t let it dry long enough so I gave it a few more minutes. I had to grab some scratch paper because the paint seemed to dull the color of the sharpie but I pressed on. The first hand seemed to go ok. I decided to try a chevron pattern, which I would not recommend if you haven’t done this before – I thought it was easy but not so much. After the first hand I attempted the other. That hand was not as successful, it looked like a third grader drew on me. Actually, a third grader probably would have done a better job.

I woke up this morning and added another layer of the sharpie as it had faded a little bit. Overall, I wouldn’t rate this a fail. The sharpie did work. But I would definitely suggest getting someone to draw on your hands. I also need to buy the metallic ones and see if I get a better result.