beautifulletdownWhen I started this idea for 31 Days of Inspiration, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I still look at some of the posts I’ve written and they seem short and boring compared to things you read on Buzzfeed or Elite Daily or the like. And then I remember that I’m not writing for anyone else; I’m writing for myself as a form of therapy. That’s probably why my blog got the most hits when I was trying to paint my nails with the cool artwork I saw on Pinterest. I’ve also made some very interesting discoveries on what people like. For example, one night when I was posting the quote image to Instagram, I noticed that only a handful of people liked it (this tends to happen to the quotes that are more “romantic”) where quotes about religion or inner beauty gained more ” likes “.

I guess this is technically a romantic post and as such, will get less likes than the article I posted before. The writer in me thinks this is an absolutely beautiful quote, and while I am no longer interested in destroying people, if I were, I think this would be the most beautiful way. Like I wrote earlier, I love travel and learning and exploring new things. I love sharing that with others as well. I’ve had beautiful relationships like this: romantic and platonic, so there are places that are sometimes more difficult to go. Some feelings and memories face but with that, so does the desire to visit the location in the first place.

Anyway, I could write a whole long post about how beautiful this quote is and how I feel bad for hurting people, which I do, but what good does it really do? At the beginning of January I had the idea that on one day of this challenge that I was going to write an apology post to a few guys from the past that I really hurt, but then what? Was I going to Facebook them a link? All, hey, I know we haven’t talked in two or three years but I wanted to let you know that I wrote this article apologizing. Or maybe they would just stumble upon it, nah, fat chance, better to just let some bridges stay burned. But just in case you do happen to stumble upon it, or you do still read my blog to stay up to date on my life, for what it’s worth, I am sorry. I was at a pretty crappy place in my life and instead of working on myself, I led others on people got hurt. And from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry. Oh, and I did tell you not to fall in love with me.